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From Nuance comes a Macintosh program called MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 (Previously known as Dragon Dictate), a tool that translates your voice into text automatically. This can make typing out papers much faster and more efficient, by using the microphone provided. This can often help people with a typical typing speed get the job done in a fraction of the time. The ease of talking vs. physically typing can be less frantic, and is a worthy method of applying text for people with a lot of material to get down. The process is fairly simple in installing the software, and it runs much less problematic than previous voice recognition type software for Macintosh users.

MacSpeech: What makes it different?
  • Recording information can be a much faster, less tedious task 
  • The accuracy of this product is stable, and not too often will you have to make corrections if speaking in a clear voice
  • The spelling function makes browsing the web an easy task
  • Response time is close to synchronized to your voice; it reacts sharply as you start talking
  • The headset included has a noise canceling microphone
  • Tutorials and support documents included make it easy to understand
  • The more you use the software, it will continually gain better accuracy
  • Not having to review over your writing constantly can save copious amounts of time
MacSpeech vs. primary competitors (sites similar to MacSpeech)

MacSpeech Dictate is the most well known of any other Macintosh auto text audio software.  Before Macspeech, key speech recognition programs for the Macintosh were all under the same company, Nuance, except a program called "Viavoice" by IBM, and "Speakable Items" which came with buying a Macintosh, after Mac "OSX" computers were released. Viavoice was the first speech recognition program to be released for Macs, but had many setbacks until it's final version release in 2007. Speakable Items, though a recognizable tool for it's time was sometimes inaccurate in multiple ways, one being background audio noises interfering with your recordings. Viavoice worked decently, but once Nuance put their effort into voice recognition programs, they easily surpassed any competitors. With their new technology, it would be a questioning choice to pick anything but Nuance's audio software when using a Macintosh, assuming you have the budget for the best.

MacSpeech: Pricing & packages

The program had a retail value of $199.00. Currently, it is easy to find the program online for under $100. Amazon offers the latest version for $81.92. Speakable Items can be downloaded without charge online, so with a low budget it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Viavoice offers a program with quality between the two, and can be bought on Amazon for $49.99. MacSpeech comes packaged with the following: The CD application disc, a MacSpeech headset mic, Information manuals; basically everything you need to get working. If you have the budget, investing in MacSpeech for your voice recognition program is a smart move.

MacSpeech: Product images & screenshots
MacSpeech Coupons
MacSpeech: Customer reviews & comments

There have indefinitely been mixed reviews about this product. Random crashes in unfortunate users, specifically those using intel macs, have left people calling the program terrible, since customer service isn't always too helpful. Troubleshooting is the main area that leaves people criticizing on the software, but fortunately Nuance has updated their programs many times, and the random crashes generally don't occur anymore. The fact is, if you do run into a problem, you could be stuck. Most that didn't experience negative troubleshooting aspects said the software was atleast good, and many said even if it isn't perfect, it's still the best voice recognition software they've experienced.

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